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  3. Version 4.4.5


    File Information Server table showing server information with status, name, number of players, current map and their owners as applications in the IPS Community Suite. Other properties: Set your own server fields: Name, Own name, IP, Own IP, Statistics URL, TV URL, Voting URL, Forum URL, Allocate for the server, Special icon for the new server, Hiding server owners in the button, A scroll that can be controlled by the user Color filling of players, Rear drive, Lazy loading in img icons, 2-column table that can be control
  4. cS|oMs

    WARFACE Gaming Theme

    Version 4.4.5


    This is the Gamozilla (by TAMAN) template with some changes made by me. Change log: The background image has been changed; The predominant theme color has been changed (#39509d); The category description has been moved over the sub-forums; Sub-forums were arranged in 3 columns + I added an awesome font as an icon for sub-forums; I added a custom PostContainer (can be seen in the last picture). The theme works perfectly on IPs version 4.5.4 and the loading speed of the site with this theme is very fast!
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